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Bobby (Shanghai) LTD., as the parent enterprise of Bobby Group Corporation, was established in October, 1994.      The company is specialized in process design,manufacture, assembly & commissioning, engineering construction,  etc. in the metallurgical, chemical industries as well as the sector of environmental protection.  In the recent two decades, as the general agency or the product distributor of  several transnational enterprises  in Germany and      Europe, our company has become a well-known enterprise  owning several subsidiaries with reputation.  Bobby     has a group of technical staffs with the professional knowledge of industrial technologies &  engineering as well     as the employees who are specialized in the international trade. We also possess the powerful Import & Export abilities of industrial technology and  mechanical equipment together with the related consulting capacity, espe-    cially for the advanced German technologies.  Our range of services  includes industrial investment,  project exe-    cution, cooperation design, co-manufacture, assembly & commissioning, talent introduction, etc.   


Consulting service


During the start-up period of manufacturing plants, we can provide the foreign customers with the services of design, manufacturing, assembly and equipment import  according to their specifications so that the time and investment costs in China can be dramatically reduced. In addition, we are able to offer the on-site interpretation                                     from or into English and German during the construction.


Scope of service:

-- Business partners hunting in China, plant construction, optimal investing strategy for European companies

-- Design cooperation for projects

-- Co-manufacture with our company or other domestic companies

-- After-sales involving the supply of components & spare parts and maintenance of equipment, etc.

-- Import of equipment, components & spare parts, customs clearance and other related services


Domain of service:

-- Metallurgical industry, e.g. iron & steel, non-ferrous metal manufacturing equipment

-- Metal surface treatment, e.g. pickling, electrolytic plating, phosphate coating, etc.

-- Environmental protection, e.g. flue gas treatment, acid regeneration and recovery, waste water treatment, etc.


Service reference:

-- Acid Regeneration Line of Baosteel Stainless Steel, China, supplied by Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH

-- Pickling Line of Baosteel Special Steel, China, supplied by Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH

-- Pickling Lines of Baori Wire, Nanjing China

-- Aluminum Plate Plant of Aleris, Zhenjiang China





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